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August 2, 2017 / richstone47

Greetings.  This site has been here a long time, not getting much attention, from me or from anyone else.  However, my long-thought book, Message to the Messianics: Resting in the Hands of the Living God, is completed.  I am doing revision and detail work and waiting for response from Messianic Jewish Publishers and Resources.  Depending on what happens with that proposal, I will begin promoting the book here in one way or another.


April 30, 2016 / richstone47

Message to the Messianics

The original title of this blog is “In His Rest,” but I am highlighting the “Message to the Messianics” subtitle, because I have a book in progress with that name.

What is the message? That Torah teaches us to rest. Messianic Judaism is developing an identity, and it is NOT legalistic, except in a few fringes, but in order to fully discover and live out that identity Messianics will be exploring Radical Grace, embracing human weakness and the full provision of salvation through Yeshua’s sacrifice. This can happen in a Jewish celebration of Torah, because within its traditional and symbolic forms we have the gospel, and we find that Torah is powerfully teaching us not to rely on our own power. All of the Tanakh is on that theme.



January 1, 2016 / richstone47


 I expect to be reviving this blog as 2016 gets started, and I have linked it from a new web page that presents me as writer-publisher. I will revive this because Message to the Messianics is a manuscript in progress that I hope to offer to Lederer Messianic Publishers sometime this year.  If that does not happen, I will have the option of publishing it myself.

Please look at the web page, part of, that I have created, and at the links there to information about 4 books that are available through on demand printing.










February 27, 2011 / richstone47

In His Rest

A travel agent arranging flights for a trip to Eastern Europe–where we will visit Krakow and Minsk and see Auschwitz and Schindler’s factory–signed off from his email with the words, “In His Rest.”

That told me he is probably a Messianic Jew.

But he could be a gentile Christian, perhaps a Christian Zionist,–a Christian who supports Israel and believes the Jews are important in the plan for history. 

In simpler terms, I could see that this person is a Believer.

But all these questions arise:

What does “Rest” mean?
Whose “Rest”?
What is a Messianic Jew?
What is a Christian Zionist?
What does a “Believer” believe in?
What was that about a “plan for history”?

Some of these questions will be answered already for those readers who are likely to seek out and stick with this blog, because it is written for Messianic Jews and those Christians who support them, and for all Christians, really, since all Christians should support the Jews and all Christians should understand what is meant by “Rest.”

But these ideas are important for every human being, so if you are here and find these ideas foreign to your mindset,  please spend some time exploring them.

And if you already know these things, please spend some time exploring them, because they are topics with infinite depth, worthy of meditation forever.

The Magen David is a work in glass by Lisa Chernoff

The sun is shining, but the veil is not torn down