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About the writer of this blog

I am a Christian Zionist attending a Messianic Jewish Synagogue.   I am working on a book idea, The Message to the Messianics.  The title is another way to name the New Testament book, Hebrews.   My book could be called “Hebrews for the Hebrews,” but I think the title is in use already.  The book is a study of Hebrews and also a treatment of the issue of being observant, keeping Torah, as it applies to Messianic believers.  My position is that Torah requires us to be resting in G-d’s all-sufficient provision.  Torah does not support legalism and confidence in the flesh, but these things creep back into the practices of Christians constantly. Messianics have a special temptation, because of their connection to Jewish Law, but they also have–and this is the main idea of the book–the calling to develop and experience being In His Rest as no other fellowship has, and to teach this to Christians and Jews.  So, Yes, Jewish believers do keep the sabbath, but they keep it in the fullest and richest sense possible, by totally trusting in G-d’s provision and not in their religious efforts.


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